Ringly: A Must-Have Smart Accessory for Every Woman

Ringly: A Must-Have Smart Accessory for Every Woman

Christina Mercando, an employee at the eBay product department, always faced one problem, which was that her family and friends could never get hold of her. Most women have a habit of keeping their cell phones in their purses, which results in plenty of missed calls from their close ones. One day while Christina Mercando was glancing at the rings on her hand, a great idea struck her. According to her idea, a woman need not struggle with her purse for her cellphone when someone tries to reach her; she wondered how it would be if a woman can just get the phone notifications in a ring to avoid the purse hassle.

As a result, we now have Ringly, a great fashion technology in the form of gorgeous finger jewelry. This smart ring buzzes and also lights up every time you get a text or a phone call and also when someone likes your Instagram feed.

Mercando raised nearly $1 million from the First Round Capital, PCH and Andreessen Horowitz last August for her fledging company. Now, Christina Mercando and the co-founder Logan Munro are hoping to raise nearly $60K cash during their pre-sale launch in order to fund the first batchproduction of their rings.

You can customize almost every notification alert for the Ringly app so that you would know who is calling you or messaging you by the buzz or the color on your ring. Basically, almost every notification that you get can be customized to alert you. For example, the notifications on your Facebook or Instagram can also be customized.

The ring operates on a battery, which can run for nearly 2-3 days and the device comes with an app, which supports both Android and also iOS. The first batch of the rings is produced by FIT alumni Annie Harlingen. The rings are expected to come in four various stones in sizes 6, 7, 8 as of now and will hold names like “star gazing” and “into the woods.”

The rings cost nearly $145 and with the rings out in the market, Mercando stated that she really wishes to offer some more designs and even smaller rings as the technology improves in the coming future.

This smart accessory is a must-have fashion trend for all the girls out there who want to escape from this trauma of missed calls and messages from their closed ones.

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