Organise an event

Hold an event, any time in December 2013, as part of Our Day.

If you are already planning a migration-related event for December, anywhere in the UK, and would like to link it to Our Day, it’s easy to take part. Just download the Our Day logo and add it to publicity about your event. Your logo and details of the event will go on the Our Day website to promote the event. We can also provide you with a template email for inviting people, and/or Our Day leaflets to hand out at the event.

If you aren’t planning any events, why not think about organising one? All it needs is to be in December 2013, and to be an occasion for celebration or constructive debate about migration in the UK.

You could consider:

  • organising a local meeting with a public speaker;
  • having a party or dinner at your local community centre;
  • presenting a signed petition in support of migrants to a local politician;
  • holding a joint event with a local student union.

You can contact the MRN team for more ideas about ways to get involved.